About Us

KC Medical, Inc. was founded in 1995, and is a professional ALS & BLS on-site emergency medical service provider for venues and large events in the Midwest. KC Medical, Inc. is very fortunate to have an exceptional staff, who are all properly trained and certified that will deliver outstanding patient care and customer service. KC Medical, Inc. understands that providing emergency medical services is our first priority, but that’s not what makes KC Medical, Inc. unique. Our customer service to our venues, patrons, patients and co-workers excels above the rest, which is very important to the management and staff of KC Medical, Inc. Over the past 14 years, KC Medical, Inc. is very honored to serve the venues and large events in the Midwest, providing emergency medical services and continues to have a great working relationship for the following venues and large events in the Midwest:

  • Sprint Center (Exclusive)
  • Independence Events Center (Exclusive)
  • Kemper Arena (Exclusive)
  • American Royal Center (Exclusive)
  • Midland Theatre (Exclusive)
  • Sandstone Amphitheatre (Exclusive)
  • Thunderlake Raceway (Exclusive)
  • Kansas City Convention Center (Preferred Provider)
  • Beaumont Club (Exclusive)
  • Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts (Exclusive)
  • Memorial Hall (Exclusive)
  • Starlight Theatre (Exclusive)
  • Power & Light District (KC Live) (Exclusive)
  • Wakarusa Festival (Exclusive) (Arkansas)
  • KQRC 98.9 Rockfest (Exclusive)
  • Overland Park Convention Center
  • Uptown Theatre
  • Kansas Coliseum (Wichita, KS)
  • Memorial Hall (Joplin, MO)
  • St. Joe Civic Center (St. Joseph, MO)
  • Topeka Fine Arts (Topeka, KS)
  • Topeka EXPO Center (Topeka, KS)
  • Liberty Hall (Lawrence, KS)
  • The Granada (Lawrence, KS)
  • The Lied Center (Lawrence, KS)

As you can see, KC Medical, Inc. has a great resume of venues and clients. Since 2005, KC Medical, Inc. has averaged over 1200 events, serving over 3,000,000 million patrons per year.

KC Medical, Inc. is well prepared to handle all types of events of any size. While some of our contracted venues have KC Medical, Inc. stocked first aid rooms, some don’t, and we arrive with all the proper medical supplies & equipment to handle any medical emergencies that should arise while covering an event.

KC Medical, Inc. meets industry standards on coverage of insurance and workers compensation. All the contracted venues are covered as additional insured of KC Medical, Inc. In the secured section of this web site, you will see a copy of our Certification of Insurance which includes our workers compensation.    

All KC Medical, Inc. staff members are properly trained, they have above average knowledge of all KC Medical, Inc. medical protocols which adheres to all federal, national and state statutes. KC Medical, Inc. protocols have the approval of our Medical Director. Along with medical protocols, all KC Medical, Inc. staff members are current with all NIMS certifications as set forth by FEMA.